We are situated outside Boston, Massachusetts, and proud to represent the finest in home audio systems. We provide customized service, Email or call (978-609-1601) to inquire or set up an appointment.

We are the New England Dealer for

Shindo Laboratory

Latour Field Coil speakers, 301 Record Player system, handmade tube electronics

Leben HiFi

CS-300, CS-600, RS-28C superb tube sonics

Auditorium 23

SoloVox speaker, Stepup transformers, A23 speaker cable and interconnects


Digital magic from Lukasz Fikus - premier DACs

Spec Audio Japan

'Real-Sound' puts the perormers in the room!

Acoustic Plan

DigiMaster tubed-DAC, DriveMaster CD transport, PhonoMaster from Germany

Line Magnetic Audio

Western Electric replicas & WE-inspired tubed electronics


The classic tonearms & phono cartridges from Germany

Sugden Audio UK

Classic Solid-state electronics from the UK

Falcon Acoustics UK

The original 15-ohm LS3/5a BBC speaker

Abbingdon Music Research UK

CD-77 CD player, DP-777 digital processor, AM-777 integrated amp

Mojo Audio

Solid-state NOS digital and power solutions

Well-Tempered Labs

Premier turntable systems

Box Furniture Company

Beautiful sound & decor in audio racks

LignoLab Equipment Supports

Resonance control & turntable plinths from Germany

Laboratoire J.C. Verdier

La Platine Verdier Turntable

Clarity Cable / ZCable

Discover the emotion within music

Essence of Music CD treatment

Truly hear your music!

Nanotec Systems Nespa CD

Nespa Pro CD conditioner

Nanotec Systems Products

Intron Ag 8500 CD prep, Gold/Silver Contact Pro

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