We are situated outside Boston, Massachusetts, and proud to represent the finest in home audio systems. We provide customized service, Email or call (978-609-1601) to inquire or set up an appointment.

We are the New England Dealer for

Shindo Laboratory

Latour Field Coil speakers, 301 Record Player system, handmade tube electronics

Leben HiFi

CS-300, CS-600, RS-28C superb tube sonics

Riviera Labs Italy

The merger of passion, technology and innovation!

Spec Audio Japan

'Real-Sound' puts the perormers in the room!

Line Magnetic Audio

Western Electric replicas & WE-inspired tubed electronics

Sugden Audio UK

Classic Solid-state electronics from the UK

Acoustic Plan

DigiMaster tubed-DAC, DriveMaster CD transport, PhonoMaster from Germany

Sonner Audio

Sound reimagined - the Allegro & Legato speakers

Tellurium Q

Hear how your music can really sound with this award-winning cabling

Auditorium 23

Hommage Cinema & 22A horn speakers, Stepup transformers, Speaker cable and Interconnects

Well-Tempered Labs

Premier turntable systems


The classic tonearms & phono cartridges from Germany

Sentec Sweden

Variable curve phono stage for the vinyl collector

Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro

Multi-year awards for best vinyl sound via cleaning + ultrasonics

Falcon Acoustics UK

The original 15-ohm LS3/5a BBC speaker

Box Furniture Company

Beautiful sound & decor in audio racks


Digital magic from Lukasz Fikus - premier DACs

Tonapparate Audio Furniture

Resonance control racks from Germany

Shun Mook Acoustics

Mpingo room tuning & Western Electric vintage wiring

Clarity Cable / ZCable

Discover the emotion within music

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